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Our Interior Services offer a comfortable assisted living inside of your house. Listed below are the services, features and products we offer.

Kitchen Modifications

  • Cupboards Accessibility
  • Pull Out Shelves (Referred to as roll-out, glide-out or slide-out shelves for easy access to food or other storage)
  • Address Safety or Access concerns with appliances
  • Roll Under Sink for Wheelchairs
  • Roll under Preparation Area for Wheelchairs
  • General Safety Assessment

Bathroom Modifications

  • Safety Bathtub Conversion (Walk in Tubs, Seated Tubs, etc)
  • Walk In Showers (Barrier-free)
  • Grab Bars and Rails
  • Accessory Bars
  • Adjustable Change Tables
  • Barrier Free Toilets (Easy Transfer and Safety)
  • Transfer Benches (Showing Benches or Transfer Chairs)


  • Push Button Door Openers
  • Inside Handle For Door Closing
  • Sensors to automate the opening and closing of Doors

Light Switches & Lighting

  • Easy use fixtures
  • Oversized Light Switches
  • Sensors to automate the opening and closing of Doors
  • Modifications to increase visibility and security
  • Electrical Outlets can be adjusted for easier access

Security Systems & Climate Control

  • Remote Monitoring and Personal Emergency Response Systems
  • Smart Home Technology
  • Alarm Emergency Monitoring
  • Large Display Thermostat
  • Remote Controlled Thermostat

Hallways & Doorways

  • Widening to accommodate for wheelchairs & walkers
  • Hallway Rails to assists in preventing falls


  • Smoothing Floor Surfaces to assist with mobility of a wheelchair
  • Traction or non-skid Strips

Other Rooms

  • Potential Stair Lifts (Stair Glides or Lift Chairs)
  • Barrier Free Laundry Rooms